To John Mann,

On July 23rd, you chose via your blog to post this so called “Open Letter”;

As you well know back then in the 1980’s the NCCL, made it clear that it found PIE distasteful…but it believed that there was a civil liberties issue around attempts to ban them. As they saw it, it would lead to this happening to other groups deemed rightly or wrongly to be outside public taste.

You wrote that “The so called ‘trendy left’ politics of the early 1980s was a contributory factor in covering up child abuse. I myself saw that repeatedly at first hand in Lambeth. Meanwhile children were murdered and disappeared, were raped and beaten, forced into prostitution, trafficked around and a significant number of lives destroyed and blighted”.

Please note that the “trendy left’ politics that you sneer at, included; fighting Clause 28, getting the police to take DV and Rape seriously (Hello Yorkshire Ripper, hello!), fighting racism…and fighting child abuse. It is ironic the last bit, as the Labour right, at that time, wanted the party to have nothing to do with the latter. You do mention about Margaret Hodge being head of the council and her inaction, but you mention it only in relation to trying to damn Jeremy Corbin.

It is though interesting that you quote the Independent from May 30th 1995, to back your case;, yet you did not chose to include the link. The news article makes it clear that Jeremy made enquiries when asked by social workers. Even you admit that he took the case up and made queries.

You also miss out the context (an important word that) in which it took place. In 1986, he chastised Geoffrey Dickens in the HoC for making allegations about child brothels.

His sharp retort to Dickens was in the context of the latter being a rampant homophobe, constantly trying to link being gay with being a pedophile.,

In your letter that, “You said that you would raise the matter with Virginia Bottomley, then at the Department of Health, but no indication of whether you followed this up was ever given”. It is more than possible that he raised it verbally with her; certainly, she has not come forward to contradict this as a scenario. Let the record also state that Jeremy voted FOR the “Welfare of Children Act, 1990”.

Can it really have escaped notice to say that the Tories are steering well clear of this Scylla and Charybdis. Yet, you seem so eager to plot such a course for the LP towards. Are the siren voices of Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson that powerful?

I welcome John your publicizing abuse cover-ups but it is noticeable that you do not mention Corbin, until late July 2015, when it is clear that he is doing well in the leadership contest.

In the Mirror; March 26th 2013, In the Daily Mail 23rd December 2014;, in the Independent March 11th 2015; your allegations of child abuse and cover ups get mentioned either by you or the journalist. At no stage in any of the last three links, do you think to mention Jeremy’s name. However, I am sure that you have a very good reason for that, and you will enlighten us as to this tardiness in your next “Open Letter”.

Floyd Codlin (Unaligned Left-Winger)