Placard from the Women’s March in London on January 21st 2017

There is a line from a Public Enemy song that starts out, “Brothers & sisters…I don’t know what this world is coming to”. So, now it is official, Donald Trump, the billionaire is now the 45th President of the United States of America. Few can say with any dignity, that they ‘knew’, this would happen. Trump, is not the ‘ordinary’, run of the mill reactionary, as we’d expect from the Republicans in particular and the right in general. His campaign and his inauguration speech had strong touches of the ‘nation needs a strong man’ type that we’ve heard before around the world, in the 30’s and 40’s, in the 60’s and 70’s.

Let us be clear, Trump is a bully, a thug, an exploiter of the workers. He is a sexist and misogynist, a racist, both a homophobe and transphobe. What’s more he’s got several like-minded people in his cabinet. He’s mentioned about the register of Muslims, wants to deport more “illegals” than Obama, and Trump, still plans on building that wall on the Mexican border. He’s abolished the endowment for the arts, dismantled the office for climate change, and wants to attack abortion rights

Saying all of this is by no means to let either Obama or Hillary off the hook, far from it. But they are at least prepared to still do ‘normal’ politics, and while they do, this still provides for those of us on the left, a political space to organise openly. In the case of Trump, for the first time in living memory the GOP controls both the house and the senate. There is a strong chance that the Supreme Court will be balanced towards the conservatives. The qualitative difference is also that malign, right-wing forces outside the right-wing of the GOP are gathering, who feel that they have political legitimacy now that “daddy” is now in charge.

Regarding the resistance to Trump, I have no doubt that various liberals in and out of the Democratic Party will try to use that as an opportunity to rehabilitate the Killeray. No doubt this figures in the thinking of the organisers of the Women’s March in America. That must be resisted as much as possible. In part, it was her role as being the Corporate Candidate that led to her loosing. It was her open contempt for w/c people, her espousal of muscular intervention in the M/E. She and her outriders cannot be allowed to dictate the parameters of what for the resistance will take. Her m/c faux feminism of privilege, has failed w/c women on so many levels. So Trump being bad does not automatically make her ‘good’.

The real resistance will come from below and will come from the workers themselves. Not being directed like a stage army. It will come from the Muslim woman doctor who’s also involved in a housing group. It will come from the fireman, who helps out at a soup kitchen. It will come from women’s groups that give out information about DV, abortions and contraception. It will come from the trade unionist, that steps forward to stop his Hispanic comrade from being deported

The resistance will be from the trans lawyer, who builds up a case to stop big business from poisoning the local water. The resistance will be from the lesbian mum bringing up a son, the gay dad bringing up a daughter. The resistance will come from different quarters, like a thousand flowers blooming. There will no doubt be much-needed analysis of the demo, the people on it, who organised it and where we go from there. Primo Levi in the ‘Drowned and the Saved’ warns and reminds us that the unimaginable can happen again. That a would-be tyrant is waiting in the wings, with “beautiful words” on his lips. Little did he know, that such a person would end up, sitting with all the misplaced, imperial, hauteur of a Nero, in the White House