About: I have been active on the left for nearly 30 years, I live and work in London, in the Culture sector. I am interested in books, films, politcs, food, people, trade unions, (I’m a PCS rep), the enviroment. I spend far to much time on facebook, twitter and CiF (Comment is Free). Please have a read of my blog pages and leave comments

Hi there and welcome to my wordpress blog, called “little scrap of ivory” which is a reference to what Jane Austen called “the little bit (two inches wide) of ivory on which I work with so fine a brush, as produces so little effect after so much labour.” as with regards to her writing..

I want to use this as a commentary on various things to do with politics, art, culture, trade unions, films, feminism, architecture, trends, etc, I see it as my window on the world. Please note that I will be putting up blog posts that many might consider to be controversial and provocative.

So, if you do not like what you read, then either leave me a comment, or if you still do not like it, then stop reading, and move it along as it means that this blog is not for you anyway. I welcome each and every response, the only cencorship that you can expect is when whats posted is spam. I will also be editing some posts from time to time, either adding new information or taking away things that are no longer needed.

Please note that if your on my blog, I am going to assume that your an adult and so can deal with political engagement and with robust responses. I feel it important to say this, as so many people who purport to be on the left, such as many (but by no means all) feminists are over eager too scream; “mansplanning”, “privilige”, “rape apologist”, “rape denier”, “mysogonist”, when they cannot win an arguement…Depending upon the subject, some of the posts will be quite short, others will be indepth.

I know that somne of what I post may well piss off a number of FaceBook comrades, and that is not my intention, but if I have, then leave a sensible reply…


“Stop this day and night with me and you shall possess the origin of all poems, You shall possess the good of the earth and sun…. there are millions of suns left” Song of Myself II by Walt Whitman


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